• 1

    I uploaded my video to Youtube but I can't hear any audio?

    Youtube channels have a very strict copyright standards, so it is normal that they cancel the audio of the videos if you do not have the appropriate rights. It is suggested to inquire in Youtube policies and resolve the copyright under the consent of not profit from the file and that is for personal use to activate the audio. Each country has different restrictions on music, so I invite you to learn more of Youtube standards in each area.

  • 2

    I do not want to be exposed with the pictures of my wedding and would like more privacy in this section. Can you change the copyright?

    Of course, this should be discussed before the signing of the contract so this section is displayed with the changes of copyright.

  • 3

    What are the advertising distribution channels?

    Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vibe, Pinterest, Vimeo and Youtube.

  • 4

    Right to use photographic image and video

    Our contracts have the legal right to use the images and videos in all media and broadcast channels of Oscar Video.

  • 5

    Regarding food for the operators.

    The customer is responsible for providing food for the corresponding operators.

  • 6

    How many songs will I need to choose?

    Depending on the video Package you select but usually between 5-8 songs.

  • 7

    Do you make changes to the final video?

    Yes we can make changes on the final video but have a cost of $150 dlls. If the video presents mistakes on it we will make immediately the changes without a charge.  

  • 8

    Can I select the music to go on my Wedding Video?

    Yes! You can have your favorite music played at your Wedding Video, we need: A song list at least one week before the Wedding Day or a CD that you can give us on the Wedding Day.

  • 9

    Will my Video (regular video) have original sound or will have only music like the samples on the website?

    Your video will have original sound for the parts that is needed like Ceremony , vows, speeches. and it will be edited with music at some parts that music is needed such as Bride getting ready, guests arriving to the Ceremony site, couple shoots by the beach. We always use a wireless Microphone to have an excellent quality sound.

  • 10

    Can I have a Highlight video like the ones shown in the video website?

    Yes you can have a Highlight video but ONLY as a complementary video service of one of our video packages that include the highlight.

  • 11

    Do you have any extra cost using paypal?

    The advance has no additional cost and paypal commission will be absorbed by Oscar Video. If the client requires to make the remaining payment using this method, 4% commission will be added for using paypal.

  • 12

    How can I send you a deposit?

    We use Paypal which is a side company of e-bay, this is the easiest and safest way to get or send money on line, if you don't have an account you can set up one really easy.

  • 13

    Do you require a deposit to secure a date? 

    Yes I ask for a 50% deposit to secure all bookings.

  • 14

    What methods of payment do you accept?

    We accept cash and pay pal methods . All prices are in US Dollars.

  • 15

    Can you work at all Resorts in Mayan Riviera and Cancun?

    There are different "outside photographer and Videographer" rules at the Resorts in the area. However, most of them are pretty much open to letting you bring the Videographer of your choice onto the resort.

  • 16

    Will you go to the location of my choice outside of Mayan Riviera and Cancun? 

    Yes, only if all expenses are paid.

  • 17

    Do I have any refund upon drone cancellation due to weather issues?

    Yes. It will be reimbursed 75% of the cost of the service provided only if it has been canceled due to weather issues. The remaining 25% is justified by operating expenses.

  • 18

    What are the drone policies?

    The drone won't take flight if the weather is rainy or presents strong blasts of wind. Only the drone operator can consider the risks and cancel the flight.

  • 19

    When will I get the dvd with my wedding Video?

    Two months after the wedding day, a dvd, blu ray or usb with your Video will be sent to your home address and our top packaged included the shipping. Ask for our included shipping.

  • 20

    Is Video Coverage time CONTINUOUS or the Videographer can take a break and continue on a later time?

    Our video Coverage hours are CONTINUOUS.

  • 21

    If I decide on a Package and then I want the Videographer to stay for one or 2 more hours how much will this be ? Is this possible?

    Yes, sometimes things go a little behind or the party is Great and couples want us to stay a little longer, you can have extra time at an extra charge if this is the case. Now if our suggested Video coverage times (3, 5, 8 hours) won't work for your Wedding you can request a customize Package to meet your needs.

  • 22

    How can I secure my booking?

    We ask for a deposit using Paypal , Paypal is a side company of e-bay. if you have a paypal account then it will be very easy to take care of deposit.